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How do I cancel Jd gym ?

How do I cancel my Gym subscription with Jd gym?

Do you want to cancel your Gym membership with Jd gym? Then we can do this for you! We will take care of the cancellation by sending a letter of cancellation to Jd gym with all the necessary details on your behalf. We do this by sending a registered letter and keeping you updated throughout the process. By sending a registered letter, the cancellation is completely legally valid. You will also receive a proof of posting. So, you have full assurance that your Gym membership is cancelled. Cancelling has never been so easy!

Jd gym term of notice

What is the term of notice for my subscription with Jd gym?

With Jd gym, you can find your notice period in your contract and in the general terms and conditions.

Can I cancel my subscription with Jd gym directly?

Your subscription to Jd gym is cancelable at any time according to the terms of your contract. is an independent website and is not affiliated with Jd gym.

Fill in all your details and your letter of termination will be generated automatically. 1. Enter your data
Your letter of termination will be signed for you automatically. 2. Your letter is automatically signed
Your registered letter of cancellation will be sent directly to Jd gym.3. We send your letter online
You don't have to do anything else. We will keep you informed via a confirmation email and a Track & Trace code. 4. Relax

Fill in your details

  • When do you want to cancel?
    When do you want to cancel?
    This month, more than 1,000 people have already cancelled via Xpendy,

    Jd gym cancellation letter

    Jd gym
    PostbusThe Alcora Building
    B6 4NF Birmingham
    United Kingdom

    21-03-2023, City

    REGISTERED: cancel Jd gym

    I hereby terminate my agreement with the following details as of the earliest possible date.

    Personal data:
    Name:First name Last name
    Address: Street and house number
    Postcode + city: Postcode City
    E-mail: E-mail

    I would like to receive a confirmation of the cancellation by e-mail or by post within 10 working days.

    Kind regards,
    First name Last name

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    After receiving your payment, your letter will be sent within max 4 working days.
    Sent within max 4 working days.
    Your payment details will not be stored and your personal data will never be passed on to third parties. We respect your privacy
    Do you want a copy of your cancellation letter? You can download a copy via the PDF on our website. Print your letter of termination for free
    Not 100% satisfied with our service? Then we will refund your money. Not satisfied? Money back!

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    Cancel multiple services?

    If you wish, you can cancel multiple services at once (max 6).


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