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This month more than 1,000 people have already cancelled via Xpendy,

E.g. SIPTU, Netflix, GoMo, The Irish Times, VHI Healthcare, Cineworld, AVG, Economist, AXA, Liberty Insurance, …

  • Cancel your subscriptions quickly and easily via Xpendy!

    • Choose the subscription you want to cancel
    • Fill in your details
    • Your cancellation letter will be generated instantly
    • Print the letter or have it sent by registered mail

    No waiting, no hassle, cancelling has never been easier!

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    TIP: select multiple products or services and cancel them all at once.
    • Our service

      • Save time and effort
      • Cancelling multiple subscriptions and contracts at the same time
      • We only need your details, we’ll do the rest!
      • Additional Services

      Many companies make it difficult to cancel contracts. You often have to go through a lot of steps and spend minutes on the phone with the sales department to get you to stay a customer. Once you are in the process of cancelling, a lot of questions arise. How do I write a letter of termination and what should it contain? To which address should I send the letter? Xpendy has done the research for you and gives you the opportunity to easily and quickly compose and send your letter of termination.