There is a good chance that in recent months or years you have been persuaded (several times) to become a donor of a good cause. A very good action, because it is certainly good to contribute to a better world. However, all those little pebbles that are written off each month are ultimately one big financial rock, which can make you lose track of things and become a burden rather than a good feeling. To keep the overview, you can choose to cancel a few memberships. Xpendy helps you do that quickly and directly.

About us

Xpendy, founded in 2019, is a European organisation that helps consumers cancel their subscriptions and/or contracts. Here at Xpendy, we have one mission: to make your daily life easier so that you can quickly get back to doing the really important things.
This month, more than 1,000 people have already cancelled via Xpendy.
bv. Australian Red Cross, Unicef, Oxfam, Ronald macdonald, Make a Wish, Save the children,